The Brangus breed up program at Southern Cattle Company is a blend of truly the most elite genetics available in the Angus and Brahman breeds. The Southern Angus herd ranks in the top 10 Angus herds in the United States, with emphasis placed on such economically important traits as feed efficiency, carcass merit, growth, and performance. By taking those foundation genetics and crossing them to the best of the Brahman breed, great things are happening. The Brahman genetics are based around J.D. Hudgins and V8 Ranch bloodlines. By forming partnerships with J.D. Hudgins (Locke Division), Bailey Brahmans, and Alford Cattle Company, Southern has been able to access to otherwise inaccessible genetics.

By using the best of the best in genetics, Southern will be able to offer their Brangus customers something new and fresh. Because of the extensive testing that Southern does on their cattle from weaning to yearling, customers can rest assured that you will be offered the most feed efficient, performance driven cattle with plenty of carcass merit.

Over this past spring a substantial number of percentage cattle were born. This includes ¼ bloods, ½  bloods, and ¾ blood cattle. Some of the freshest genetics in years were unveiled at the Southern Cattle Company “Facing The Future Head On” field day. It was a pleasure to see the acceptance these cattle had with the customers and industry leaders that were in attendance that day. As time progresses, more genetics will be unveiled and everyone realizes that this is not a short term program. It will take a minimum of five years to truly start to see the fruits of all of the efforts but Southern Cattle Company is committed to being an industry leader and they are more than willing to make this commitment.

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Brahman Donors

  BB Houston Barbara 154
  CB Ms Bold Lady Luck 96
  JDH Lady Luana Manso
  Miss McKellar 76/0
  Ms Diamond Barzee 637/3
  JDH Lady Chris Da Manso
  JDH Lady Clemens Manso

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Angus Donors

  LCR D/D Precision 1 [AMF]
  Rita 3540 of 021 Rito 1|1 [AMF]
  SAV Lucy 3481
  G A R 1489 Traveler 4567 [amf]
  SH Rita 3367 5027 {AMF-NHF]
  Sherrod Blackcap 0047 [AMF]

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Brangus/Percentage Donors

    MC Ms Madison 129k16
  Ms Acco 247/301

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Brahman sires

  JDH Mr Ashton Manso 193/4
  JDH Mr Brandon Manso 761/3
  JDH Mr Elmo Manso 309/4

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angus sires

  GAR - EGL Protege [AMF-NHF]
  G A R Grid Maker 6578 [AMF-NHF]
  G A R Predestined [AMF-NHF]
  Garrets Nationwide 8001
  SAV Bismarck 5682 [AMF-NHF]
  SAV Final Answer 0035 [AMF-NHF]
  SAV Net Worth 4200 [AMF-NHF]
  Sinclair Excellency 5x25
  SydGen CC&7 [AMF-NHF]
  TC Total 410 [AMF-NHF]

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Can we assist you? The SCC team is dedicated to customer service, education, and meeting the needs of our customers! We understand that many times you may have questions and wish to speak with a member of our management team to get a first hand look at our program and specific cattle in the sales. Please contact us at your convenience. We are here to help and our ranch is always open to visitors!

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