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Do More with Less

Time management is critical to the daily operations of Southern Cattle Company. Our motto is “do more with less” while maintaining productivity. That sounds good, but how does that apply? Glad you asked.

First, take a good look at your ranch employees. Learn their strengths and weaknesses. Try to place them in areas of the ranch production that utilizes their strengths. They will be more productive. They will also produce higher quality work. Once you notice them gaining efficiency, empower your ranch workforce by urging them to take ownership of that particular assignment. Staff working in areas they excel in will be more satisfied and more productive verses areas in which they struggle.

For staff weaker in certain areas, pair them with a subject expert who can teach them to improve their area of weakness where practical.  It is very important to hire multi-talented employees and cross train your workforce. The ultimate result is smoother operations, less down time, and greater efficiency.

A typical challenge for any cattle ranch occurs around holidays or during heavy vacation seasons. If you leverage your employees’ strengths with like-kind activities, your ranch will not be as susceptible to production drop-off during these calendar crunches. Critical tasks will suffer less when staff members need time off, whether scheduled or unexpected, while maintaining production goals. If one member of your staff hinders or stops production, cross training is imperative.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to experiment to find your workforce’s strengths. Strengths are not always evident and placing your workers in various work environments can expose what they’re really great at. Investment in your workforce can transform workers into to loyal team members.

by Morris Earnest