183 Bulls

Gross $615,612
Average $3,364

188 Commercial & 2nd-Calf Heifers

Gross $378,632
Average $2,014

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175+ Top Select Age-Advantaged Bulls, 150+ Heavy Bred Commercial Heifers, and 150+ Heavy Bred Commercial 2nd Calf Heifers Sell!

The Heat is On

The heat is on here in Florida and our bulls are ready to show you that they beat the heat they’re built for at the 2018 Southern Cattle Company Annual Bull Sale, DECEMBER 8th, 2018! They not only conquer the harshest of heat, they easily thrive in colder climates! We’ll be offering 175+ age advantaged 18+ month old registered bulls, 150+ heavy bred commercial heifers, and 150+ heavy bred commercial 2nd calf heifers! If you can’t be at the sale, you can bid at See you at the sale ring!

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Sale Bulls

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Commercial Hiefers

150+ Heavy Bred and 150+ Heavy Bred 2nd Calf Commercial Heifers

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