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Lot Average

High Lot:
Paul Culberth
Huntsville, Texas

Embryo Lot:
Joe-Michael Robertson
Laurel, Mississippi

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Extraordinary, Proven, Heat-Tolerant Genetics

Southern Cattle Company is pleased to offer a rare collective of exclusive Brahman genetics. The Southern Select Brahman Sale is a scarce opportunity to acquire such sophisticated, supreme genetics unrivaled in individuality and quality. Investing in this rare fusion of extraordinary genetics and proven, heat-tolerant conditioning will have a limitless impact on any herd for generations to come.

Brahman Lot Video Playlist

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Brahman Sale Cattle

Lot 1 Southern Audra 07/17

Lot 2 Southern Ms 19/17

Lot 3 Southern Lady Manso 08/17

Lot 4 Southern De’Lahyt 99

Lot 5 Southern Audra 05/17

Lot 6 Southern Ms 20/17

Lot 7 Southern Croma Rose 91

Lot 8 Southern Audra 06/17

Lot 9 Southern Star 95

Lot 10 Southern Lady 01/17 ET

Lot 11 Southern Mr 14/17

Lot 12 Southern Mr 13/17

Lot 13 Southern Mr 18/17

Lot 14 Southern Mr 16/17

Lot 15 Southern Lady 04/17

Lot 16 – 3 Embryos DONOR

DONOR: CT Lady Pasco Rhineaux

Lot 16 – 3 Embryos SIRE

SIRE: MR. V8 279/7 (P)

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