Built for the Heat. Prized for the Meat.


Southern Cattle Company is the product of the vision and passion of Mr. John Downs to produce genetically exceptional cattle to help increase commercial cattlemen’s profitability and improve genetics within the cattle industry. Southern Cattle Company opened its gates in 1992 and has evolved in many ways. The breeds have changed, the ranch size has increased, and technology has modernized some of our traditional ways. While we still carry some of our original breeds and genetics, our chief breeds are Angus, Brangus, SimAngus and Charolais.

A high percentage of bulls used in this region of the United States are imported from other areas of the country. Consequently, many of the bulls are not bred or adapted for the climate and forage quality issues in this region. Because it cannot adapt to the harsh climate, the average useful life of a bull is often cut short and we can change that for our commercial cattlemen. When cattle adaptability is harnessed with feed efficiency research and carcass data, we can achieve great results for our customers.

Southern Cattle Company can fill the needs of ranches across the country and around the world with our semen and embryo offerings. We are equipped to process, package, and ship around the globe.

We invite you to partner with Southern Cattle Company and capitalize on our non-stop trajectory of genetic and phenotype advancement and investment.

Mr. John Downs’ vision of producing genetic masterpieces has been our compass since inception. The question we answer everyday is "will this decision help our customers succeed?” We know that your success is the only absolute in our success.

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John Downs


Chad Farren

Equine Manager