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Cattle Sale Preparation

While our ranch focus is being the best genetic commercial seedstock provider possible, prepping tips for cattle for a sale can be applied across the industry. In my experience, many people overthink the process, which causes inaction or they put it off not simply because they don’t see the importance. Make no mistake; lack of preparation can be the difference in having the high seller in a sale or winning your state fair.

When we bring cattle into the barn for a sale, we set a goal for where we want these cattle to be in 100 days. Watching feed intake is important because you want to make sure the cattle are coasting and not getting overdone. Feed rations will change often with in this timeframe. There are a lot of early mornings for us here the south and the heat is hard to handle. Whether you’re working with bred cows, bulls, or haltered calves, not pushing them too hard during the hottest points of the day is in the cattle and ranches best interests. At the 60-day mark, I like to sheer off the bred cows and bulls.

As you can see, you can’t decide to do all these things last minute and expect your cattle to look 12 o’clock. Take the time to plan, execute, and follow through and you’ll have much more success with your future cattle sale or your 4-H project.

by Ty Ladner