Southern Cattle Company Dispersale sale
Saturday, october 21, 2017 at 11:00 AM
Over 370 head to sell! Sale Catalog and more details are available on our Cattle Sales Page.
Southern Cattle Company
is not a newcomer to the cattle business. In 1992 the first cattle and the original 400 acres, where the sale facility now stands, were purchased. The Charolais herd was the original purebred herd at Southern. It did not take long and the decision was made in 1995 to add the Angus herd. For many years these were the only two breeds that resided at Southern. The Angus herd has had many accomplishments over the years and certainly would rank in the top ten herds in the United States. Then in 2008, the decision was made to add Brangus to the lineup. Southern now has the largest herd of Brinks based genetics in the Southeast. In 2009 the Beefmaster herd was added to the Southern program. With these four breeds Southern can assist commercial cattlemen in reaching their goals of profitability.


Over the years not only has the herd makeup changed but the land and facilities have changed as well. Today Southern operates on approximately 14,000 acres in the panhandle of Florida. By having state of the art facilities directly on the ranch, Southern Cattle Co. can help to fill the needs of cattlemen not only in the US but around the world. The professional staff at Southern is well versed on the regulations for exporting embryos out of the United States and works with customers in many foreign countries routinely. They are also fortunate to have been able to partner with the University of Florida in their GrowSafe facility that joins the ranch. With this opportunity Southern has been able to be a pioneer in feed efficiency research.

Southern also uses part of their ranch for farming. They currently have about 1500 acres in row crop production where they are able to grow the feedstuffs that are used everyday in the rations to develop bulls, heifers, and creep feed calves.

As natives of the Southeast, Southern has always been disappointed that a high percentage of the bulls used in this region are imported from other areas of the country. Consequently, many of the bulls are not bred or adapted for the climate, weather conditions, and forage quality issues that are faced everyday in this region. Thus, the average useful life of a bull is often far shorter than it should be. Southern Cattle Company is committed to producing a set of bulls and females each year that can work in many environments across the United States and in particular can thrive on the Gulf Coast.

When you couple the adaptability of the cattle with the carcass data that is expressed in these animals, along with the feed efficiency research that has been done it becomes clear that Southern Cattle Company is truly committed to producing a product that will have significant economic benefits for the commercial cattleman. Something that Southern has never lost sight of over the years is that they are in business to help the commercial cattleman, that is truly the role of a seedstock producer.

Southern Cattle Company extends a warm welcome and an invitation for you to come and visit the ranch at any time. Come spend some time, have a look for yourself and I think you will agree that Southern Cattle Company is a multi-faceted operation that is involved in the overall cattle industry everyday.
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